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Friends of the Shade Tree, a NJ Nonprofit Corporation

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Helpful Links for Urban Forest Management:

Anoplophora glabripennis -- Identifying the Asian Longhorned Beetle
Archangel Ancient Tree Archive -- very beautifully designed informative web site describes the value of trees, ecotechnology and the mission of this scientific and natural solution to watershed restoration.

Bergen County Department of Parks and Recreation

Community Forestry Public Outreach and Programs

Cool Communities Shade Tree Program from the San Diego Regional Energy Office  Includes some interesting information on energy savings encouraged through the use of trees.

Cornell University Community Forestry

Formulas For Estimating Tree Ages

How To Report a Tree Hazard in Dumont NJ  with Contact Information and downloadable form 

New Jersey Board of Tree Experts Because tree pruning and removal is dangerous work, tree work should be done only by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees such as a CTE.

A Certified Tree Expert (CTE) is a person who has been examined and proven to be competent in the science and art of diagnosing, treating and preventing tree injuries. These professionals demonstrate high ethical and moral standards in the practice of tree care and are certified by the Board of Tree Experts. CTEs produce correct, long-term management techniques required in the science of tree care.

National Register of Historic Trees

New Jersey Big Trees -- The New Jersey Forest Service has been overseeing the Big Tree Program and keeping a record of the largest trees in the state since the 1950s. As part of the program, the Forest Service maintains the Big Tree List, a compilation of the largest native and naturalized tree species in the state.  These trees have been nominated by NJ residents and have environmental and historical value and should be preserved for future generations.

The DSTC and citizens of Dumont went searching for our borough's largest trees in 2010 and 2016!
Click here to see a list of our valuable HERITAGE trees! Do you know of any other Big Trees in Dumont? 
Contact us!

NJ Forestry

New Jersey Shade Tree Federation -- CORE Training and Continuing Education is an annual activity with this organization. The 90th Annual Conference will be held Oct. 23-24, 2014 at BALLY'S in Atlantic City.

New Jersey Tree Foundation  

PSE&G  Trees & Utility Tree Trimming

Rutgers Cooperative Extension  Enviro-Connect at the Forestry Program

Shade Trees and Biodiversity in the Urban Environment from Ohio State University

USDA Forestry Service

United Water NJ  Customer Information Guide

University of Missouri Extension Office: Selecting Landscape Plants: Shade Trees. ( some useful summary information on a variety of tree choices for zone 6 with over 20 of rainfall/year)

Urban Tree Risk Management: A Community Guide to Program Design and Implementation.  By the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area and issued in the NJ CORE TRAINING manual. This is the text we referenced as our "base line" for tree decisions for the Tree Survey and for ongoing maintenance.  It is the best available authoritative reference standard because it is objective regarding tree hazards, and it is a national resource. (83mb available to be downloaded from USDA website)

What Tree Is It? by the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN)

We think there should be more songs like John Gorka's Branching Out.

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To promote a sustainable and productive community forest and shade tree resource that will subsequently improve the quality of life for the residents of the Borough of Dumont NJ.

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