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Arbor Day in Dumont, New Jersey

The twelfth Annual Arbor Day in Dumont was celebrated on Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 1-3 pm at the DSTC Arboretum on West Shore Ave.

Dumont Shade Tree festivities included:

Dumont Boy Scouts raised the colors
National Anthem was performed by Emma Brennan, a talented Dumont resident
Mayor's Proclamation of Arbor Day 2017
Presentation of the Award of Merit (to be announced)
New bricks were unveiled, to be installed in May, in the walkway of honor at the Arboretum
Awards were given for Arbor Day Art, Photo and Poetry Contest participants and winners
Planting of the 2017 Arbor Day Tree, Kentucky Coffeetree.

We are seeking sponsors and creative people for the Art and Poetry Contest. Forms will be in the Dixon Homestead Library and sent home through the local schools.

Please visit our facebook page for photos from Arbor Day celebrations.

Memories of Arbor Day 2010:

In 2006 the Arbor Day celebration at the Dixon Homestead Memorial Library. A red oak was planted there.
In 2007, also at Dixon Homestead Memorial Library, a copper beech was planted.
In 2008 we celebrated Arbor Day at the Dixon Homestead Memorial Library, and planted an American Elm tree at Memorial Park.
In 2009 we celebrated our first Arbor Day at the newly-designated Dumont Shade Tree Arboretum. A dozen trees were planted: Amur Maple acer ginalla "Ruby Slippers," Hawthorn crataegus oxycantha, Silverbell halesia carolina, Stewartia stewartia pseudocamilla, purple-leaf plum Prunus Cerasifera "Thundercloud," Cherry prunus serrulata "Kwanzan," American Yellowwood cladrastis kentukea (lutea), Goldenrain Tree koelreuteria paniculata, Horsechestnut aesculus x carnea, American Elm Hybrid ulmus americana, zelkova serrata, ginkgo biloba and Honeylocust gleditsia tricanthos.
In 2010 we planted a Northern Red Oak, Quercus rubra, the New Jersey state tree. Also added to the Arboretum that year: Hackberry celtis occidentalis and a Hornbeam
In 2011 we planted a redbud cercis canadensi, which was the 2011-approved variety for our Adopt-a-tree Program.
In 2012 to celebrate the Girl Scouts of America's 100th birthday we planted a crape myrtle Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei "Muskokee."
In 2013 we planted a white oak Quercus Alba, the same cultivar that is growing at the World Trade Center memorial in New York City.
In 2014 we planted an American Holly Ilex opaca, and a "Space Shuttle Pine"--a gift from our friends in Demarest. Stop by and read the history of this unique tree.
In 2015 we planted a Heritage birch Betula nigra "Heritage."
In 2016 we planted a Dogwood, the NJ memorial tree.
In 2017 we planted a Kentucky Coffeetree

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