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Do you know of a BIG TREE in Dumont?

We are looking for the biggest trees in Dumont. All trees provide a valuable service: oxygen, shade, water and soil management, beauty, increased property values. But the largest ones do something more -- they inspire us. Big old trees connect us to our past and carry a story through the years. As part of its ongoing work to protect the health of the Dumont urban forest, the Dumont Shade Tree Commission (DSTC) will be sponsoring a search for the biggest and oldest trees in Dumont; our HERITAGE TREES.

Nominate a tree in town and you can be eligible to receive a prize to be awarded at Arbor Day 2016. There will be several categories for champion tree, including largest public tree, largest private tree, largest in species. To nominate a tree simply Notify the Dumont Shade Tree Commission / Heritage Tree Committee by email, call 201-244-3920, or click here for the form. Good Luck!

Celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2015, the National Big Tree Program has been a testament to American Forestsí legacy of leadership in recognizing the beauty and critical ecosystem services provided by our biggest and oldest trees. Visit the American Forests web site.

Why are big trees more beneficial than small trees? Quite simply, if they have space to grow, a large mature tree provides more shade, cleaner air, more stormwater management and more shaded streets than a smaller tree. To read more from the US Forest Service (Dept. of Agriculture), click here.

How old are these big trees? Click here to calculate the approximate age of a tree...

Location Species



Bedford Road Pin Oak 97 83.5    
Bedford Road Pin Oak 126 98.7    
Blanch Avenue Black Oak 122 78.0    
Conklin Eastern White Pine     118 83.0
Delaware Black Oak     149 94.0
Elm Street Pin Oak 105 79.5    
Gina's Field Black Oak     143 75.0
Grant School Playground Black Oak     119 72.0
Grant Street Spruce     93 66.0
Highland Tulip Poplar     143 92.0
Hillcrest Road Silver Maple 126 91.8    
Johnson Ave. Black Oak 173 90.0    
Lexington Black Oak     112 75.0
Lexington Mulberry     115 47.0
E. Linden Ave. Black Oak 147 94.3    
E. Madison Ave. Copper Beech 126 59.0    
E. Madison Ave. Red Maple     126 61.0
W. Madison Ave. at Johnson Black Oak 217 86.0    
W. Madison Ave. Black Oak 130 78.0    
W. Madison Ave. Silver Maple     196 98.0
Memorial Park (swings) Black Oak     154 96.0
Memorial Park (tennis ct) Cottonwood     268 88.0
McKinley Ave. Black Oak 180 82.0    
Niagara Street Spruce 84 61.0    
Niagara Street Mulberry 160 70.0    
Oak Street Balsam Fir 66 85.0    
Omaha Street Black Oak 156 100.6    
Randolph Ave. Tulip Poplar 154 104.0    
Roosevelt London Planetree     136 76
Roosevelt Ave. Red Oak 164 97.0    
Roosevelt Ave. Red Oak 204 86.3    
Seminole Black Oak 242 90.0 244 97.0
Virginia Ave. Black Oak 96 82.0    
Woodside Cemetery Eastern White Pine 137 72.0 142 79.0

Click here to download the HERITAGE TREE NOMINATION FORM


To promote a sustainable and productive community forest and shade tree resource that will subsequently improve the quality of life for the residents of the Borough of Dumont NJ.


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